Animation presentation showing Passenger Transport System

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Welcome to an environmentally friendly, quiet, non-polluting newly patented mass transport system which boasts the added benefit of lessening the impact on the precious finite fossil fuel resources. It’s a modular system and, with a theoretical speed of up to 50km per hour, is capable of truly revolutionizing urban public transport.

It overcomes gradients and negotiates curves; along its track, it carries passengers from their boarding point to near their arrival destination without intermediate stops thereby reducing, for the first time, to a fraction the traditional inner city journey times. For the commuter there is no waiting, since the unit is constantly in operation while the system’s futuristic tubular structure is stylish and easily at one with its landscape. Its internal spaces are clean, air-conditioned and modern …. truly befitting the onset of the
new millennium.

The system can be manufactured off-site and assembled quickly in large sections without much disruption to road traffic or the local community. If necessary, the ‘Parallel Passenger Conveyors with Differing Speeds’ may be taken down and reassembled, without much inconvenience to be transferred and reassembled at another urban high traffic hot spot.

visualisations and animation by Pixel Perfect -